December 5, 2023

The day started off chilly but soon warmed up to a perfect day to be on the golf course. Scores were very close and several tie-breakers had to be used break the ties in each flight.

(Remember - if you must cancel, do so NLT Monday night or call the Pro Shop Tuesday morning if urgent).

We continue to have issues with slow play. Please play ready golf (drop off one golfer while the other drives to his ball location and hits) 

2023 CSSMGA Holiday Party

Thursday, December 7, 2023

(Review of Holiday Party Attendees)

 It is coming up on two years since we have had a hole-in-one (January 2022).  Is there one in the cards in the next couple of rounds?

We are at 127 paid members for 2023.

Way to GO!!


League News

Canyon Springs Senior Men's Golf Association


Holiday Party, Thursday, December 7th (projected cost is $45 per person - same as last year)

2024 First Tee Invitational

April 18, 2024

Handicaps for December 2023,are loaded on the "Documents" page. 

As a reminder, the sign-up for tournaments is on the website at  under "Schedule".   8pm the Friday before Tuesday play is the cutoff time.  It is suggested that members click on the sign-up review to verify that they are either on the list for the tournament or have indicated that they intend to cancel.