​​​​Had to change format this morning due to number of cancellations and weather forecast to Individual Play.  None the less, 48 brave souls started out the day.  Forecast was a little off as the rain held off until we completed; however, the wind chill was lower than expected.

Reminder:  2017 Dues at the time for your next play.

​​​​​​​We have added a new button at the top of our Home Page to put all the The First Tee information in one easy location.


Handicaps for January, are loaded on the "Documents" page.

As a reminder, the sign-up for tournaments is on the website at www.cssmga.com  under "Schedule".   8pm the Friday before Tuesday play is the cutoff time.  It is suggested that members click on the sign-up review to verify that they are either on the list for the tournament or have indicated that they intend to cancel. 

January 17, 2017

Canyon Springs Senior Men's Golf Association


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