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CSSMGA 2019 Application Form

After submitting your application, go back to the Schedule Page to select the desired dates for your golf rounds.



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​​​​​​​​​​Handicap and Tee Assignment -- November 2019

CSSMGA League Rules

(Click on link below to view document which includes new out of bounds rule, clarification on "lost" ball, time for locating lost balls,  and additional drop areas pass high grass from tee boxes)

Effective: July 1, 2018

Top 2019 Rules of Golf Changes Video

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CSSMGA By-Laws 2019

2018 CSSMGA Christmas Gathering

(using Google Photos)

2017 CSSMGA Christmas Gathering

Slideshow w/music (large file - takes awhile to download - uses Adobe Flash Player) from CSSMGA Christmas Party now available for viewing by clicking following link:  CSSMGA Christmas Party. Best viewed in Full Screen. Note: you must have Adobe Flash Player Activated.  If having problems with Adobe Flash, try the following links:  Adobe Flash Help or Chrome/Edge activation


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CSSMGA November 12, 2019 Executive Meeting Notes

CSSMGA Survey Results - End of Month Play/Luncheon

CSSMGA March 12, 2019 Executive Meeting Notes

Letter to the League from Bob Barnhardt - January 19, 2019

CSSMGA January 15, 2019 Executive Meeting with CS Management Notes

CSSMGA January 2, 2019 Executive Meeting Notes

CSSMGA November 27, 2018 Annual Meeting Notes

CSSMGA June 26, 2018 Business Meeting Notes

CSSMGA November 28, 2017 Annual Meeting Notes

CSSMGA June 29, 2017 Business Meeting Notes

CSSMGA November 29, 2016 Annual Meeting Notes

CSSMGA 2016 By-Laws

CSSMGA July 27, 2016 Minutes

Letter to the League from Bob Barnhardt  - January 31, 2016

CSSMGA 2015 1Q Minutes

CSSMGA 2014 YE Minutes

CSSMGA 2014 YE Minutes Addendum

CSSMGA July 29, 2014 Minutes

CSSMGA 2013 By-Laws

CSSMGA December 3, 2013 Minutes

CSSMGA September 24, 2013 Minutes

CSSMGA July 30, 2013 Minutes

CSSMGA March 26, 2013 Minutes

CSSMGA September 25, 2012 Minutes

CSSMGA June 26, 2012 Minutes (Notes)

CSSMGA April 24, 2012 Minutes (Notes)

CSSMGA November 29, 2011 Minutes

    - Addendum to November 29, 2011 Minutes

CSSMGA August 2011 Leadership Meeting Minutes

CSSMGA March 2011 Minutes

CSSMGA February 23, 2010 Minutes

CSSMGA May 18, 2010 Minutes

CSSMGA August 31, 2010 Minutes

CSSMGA November 30, 2010 Annual Member's Minutes