Canyon Springs Senior Men's Golf Association


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​​​Note:  Dues for 2024 are $20 payable on first day of play in 2024.

Handy Fast Play Tips

18 Reasons for Slow Play 

(Alamo City Golf Trail Article)

CSSMGA Guest Policy

​​CSSMGA Format Definitions and Rules

(as of Dec 2023)

February 27, 2024,  4-Man Step-Aside Scramble,  (Sign Up Review)  NOTE:  End of Month Luncheon

March 5, 2024, Individual Flighted  (Sign Up Review)

March 12, 2024,   4-Man 2 Best Ball  (Sign Up Review)

March 19, 2024,4-Man RITZ (ABCD)  (Sign Up Review)

March 27, 2024 (WEDNESDAY),  4-Man Scramble(ABCD) w/Mulligan ($10) to First Tee  (Sign Up Review)  NOTE:  End of Month Luncheon

April 2, 2024 Individual Flighted Play (Sign Up Review)

Sign-up cutoff for league play is Friday at 10 PM 

When signing up for any league play date, please click on appropriate date to sign up.

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