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​​​Note:  Dues for 2020 are $20 payable on first day of play

​​Click on the following link (Resuming CSSMGA League Play) formore details regarding payment of green fees, carts, formats, sign up cut offs, prizes, etc. as we resume CSSMGA League play on other courses with Canyons Springs closure for renovations.

August 18,  4-Man - 2 Best Ball,  Canyon Springs (full course and greens),  (Sign Up Review)

August 25,  2-Man (AB CD) Total Score Holes 1-9, Best Ball Holes 10-18,  Canyon Springs,  (Sign Up Review)

September 1,  Individual Play - Flighted, Quarry ($40 + tax), (Sign Up Review)

September 8,  4-Man, 3 Best Ball, Olympia Hills,  (Sign Up Review)

September 15, Money Ball (2 Best Ball),  (Sign Up Review)

Canyon Springs Senior Men's Golf Association


Sign-up cutoff for league play is Thursday at 8 PM while league plays at other courses!

When signing up for any league play date, please click on appropriate date to sign up.

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