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​​​Note:  Dues for 2019 are $20 payable on first day of play

League Championship Play is scheduled for

October 1st and 8th.

For new members, need a valid CSSMGA handicap (5 league scored rounds) to be eligible to participate

August 27,  4-Man Scramble ABCD,(Sign Up Review)

September 3,  NOTE: Start Time will be 7:30 AM, Individual Play - Flighted,  (Sign Up Review)

September 10,  4-Man, 3 Best Ball,(Sign Up Review)

September 17,  Money Ball (2-Best Ball), (Sign Up Review)

September 24, 2-Man Shamble AC BD, (Sign Up Review)


Canyon Springs Senior Men's Golf Association

Sign-up cutoff for league play is Friday at 8 PM!

When signing up for any league play date, please click on appropriate date to sign up.

Click on "sign up Review" to see spreadsheet for those who submitted a play form for that date (view only, no editing).